“Cuspid” Needs our Help to Smile!

Hi healthy people!

Cuspid here! I’m very much involved in your health and happiness, your image, self esteem, earning potential and, therefore your longevity! I can wear badly if I’m not balanced. Properly balanced teeth are vital to long term health, stability, & a beautiful smile!

There are several types of wear: Attrition, Erosion and Abrasion, all of which are slightly different, but none of them are good.

Cuspid-Fighting for Occlusal Justice!

  • Attrition occurs when I might grind against other teeth that aren’t balanced.
  • Erosion occurs when acid from foods, soda, sports drinks or stomach acids touch me – it wears away my protective enamel covering.
  • Abrasion occurs when you brush me too hard with abrasives such as tooth paste – be sure to use a pea size of tooth paste on a soft bristled tooth brush, rinsed under hot water to make the bristles softer and, brush gently.


I’ll last your entire, longer life if you balance me when you’re young, with excellent skilled work like at Chase Orthodontics. They are the best at balancing teeth and even know me personally! They’d be happy to give you a complimentary exam to see just what might need balancing and to help you live a happier, healthier, longer life!

Help Cuspid in his fight for Occlusal Justice!

People often see an Orthodontist because they want straight teeth. What many do not know is the importance of a “good bite” and proper occlusion. Seeing an Orthodontist to correct occlusal discrepancies early could save patients time and money in the long run. Think you might have an Occlusal-related issue? Come in for a complimentary consultation! Chase Orthodontics will provide a comprehensive examination including digital x-rays, photos, and digital scanning technology. Contact us today! Help Cuspid in his fight for Occlusal Justice!