Decalcification & Good Oral Hygiene


Brushey the Bear says: “Remember, only You can prevent decalcification!”

With the Holidays coming, it’s easy to eat lots of sweets and not brush as well as we should, with all the distractions of the holidays, relatives and great meals. Danger lurks in these periods of not brushing well, with a process of mineral depletion occurring slowly as the byproducts of not removing plaque causes acid to leach minerals from tooth enamel. Decalcification is white spots that can appear on teeth due to plaque build-up. The best way to prevent decalcification is to keep your teeth clean of plaque.

During orthodontic treatment, you will have more focus on your teeth and should take great care of them during that time. Good oral hygiene habits can be developed at this time that will have life-long benefits.

Decalcification most commonly affects the parts of the teeth near the gums. Be sure to clean thoroughly in those areas each time you brush. During orthodontic treatment, brush in the morning when you wake up, at night before you go to bed, after breakfast, after school, after snacks and after dinner! I know it sounds like a lot of brushing but, it’s necessary to maintain good oral hygiene and it builds an awareness of clean healthy teeth. Brushing thoroughly removes plaque from the teeth and around braces.


Example of decalification, or white spots

Brush several times, in one session, using a small amount of fluoride tooth paste (which strengthens tooth enamel). Rinse the tooth brush during the process of brushing. The last brushing of the day, before bed, brush thoroughly, expectorate (spit out) but don’t rinse your mouth, let the tooth paste foam stay on the teeth for extra fluoride protection.

Here at Chase Orthodontics, our oral hygiene mascot, Brushey the Bear, reminds you to be careful to prevent decalcification of your teeth. We will be happy to review brushing techniques with you, coach you on how to brush and provide you with tooth brush and accessories for proper oral hygiene. We will give you the knowledge needed to keep your teeth healthy and spot-free while your smile is being reshaped! Getting your braces off should be nothing less than a moment of excitement and joy with beautiful, healthy teeth ready to shine!

What’s needed for great Oral Hygiene?

  1. CONTROL PLAQUE each day by brushing your teeth thoroughly. Plaque causes tooth decay and gum disease. Our professional team at Chase Orthodontics will teach you how to remove the plaque and maintain excellent oral hygiene.
  2. USE FLUORIDE to make the tooth enamel strong. Drink tap water that contains fluoride rather than only bottled or filtered water that often removes fluoride. Use toothpaste containing fluoride every day. A dentist or other dental professional can apply fluoride to the teeth. Many towns and schools have fluoride is their water.
  3. Eat a BALANCED DIET and snack wisely to reduce sugar and carbohydrates. One of the greatest risks to oral and overall health is the consumption of sodas and sports drinks. These contain large amounts of sugar, and acids that eat away at tooth enamel and contribute to obesity and type II diabetes. Drink water more often to relieve snack hunger and to provide a refreshing, healthy, sugar-free drink.
  4. Get REGULAR DENTAL CARE. Your dentist, and the staff of the dental office, are experts in your professional dental care and oral health education.

Why Do I Need Good Oral Health?

  • Healthy teeth make it easier to speak clearly.
  • Healthy teeth make it easier to chew foods well.
  • Avoid the pain of dental disease by keeping your mouth healthy.
  • Good oral health means fewer and cheaper dental bills.
  • Keep your natural teeth for your lifetime; as they’re supposed to last.
  • Good oral health is necessary for good overall health.
  • Clean, healthy teeth help you have clean breath.
  • Clean, healthy teeth give you a nice smile and confidence.