Meet Dr. Jonathan Chase

We provide outstanding orthodontic care with a professional and caring team. We welcome new patients to visit us in one of our superb facilities located within minutes of Boston.

dr-jonathan-chaseEducation and Continuing Education

To become an orthodontist, I first graduated from the New York University College of Dentistry. Afterward, I attended the Boston University Goldman School of Graduate Dentistry.

I take continuing education courses to maintain my standard of utilizing the latest proven technologies and techniques and to provide outstanding orthodontic care. The seminars I attend are both local and national so I know the knowledge I gain is top-of-the-line and current. These classes are also an opportunity for me to network with other professionals in my field. We learn a lot from each other!

In the Practice

I’ve been making great smiles for more than 21 years! Working in our office provides a great opportunity to celebrate and create health for our patients, and our team loves to have fun in the process. Creating beautiful, healthy smiles is the best thing in the world!

My patients care about their health and appearance. Our patients love health and beautiful smiles, too! I am so grateful to have the opportunity to work with our wonderful patients – the best in the world! In our practice, we don’t just make smiles, we inspire them! The music is always on, and I am often singing along.

Our awesome team is one of our greatest resources! They are extremely skilled, caring, dedicated and fun. They are dedicated to providing our patients with gentle, personal care. Their skill is superior to any we have seen anywhere. We often hear from visiting staff and doctors how extremely capable and caring our team is.

Our patients love our staff, and we love our patients. We are dedicated to improving every day. We attend seminars yearly and challenge ourselves to continue to deliver outstanding orthodontic care to our patients. Most of our employees have been with us for more than a decade! Some started as patients and worked after school. After they grew up, got married and had children, they are still thrilled to work at Chase Orthodontics and make beautiful smiles! With wonderful patients like we have, how could they not?