Decalcification & Good Oral Hygiene

Brushey the Bear says: “Remember, only You can prevent decalcification!” With the Holidays coming, it’s easy to eat lots of sweets and not brush as well as we should, with all the distractions of the holidays, relatives and great meals. Danger lurks in these periods of not brushing well, with a process of mineral depletion occurring… Read more »


National Orthodontic Health Month


Welcome to the Chase Orthodontics Blog! We love smiles! We love to give them, get them, and make them!  We’d like to share our process of making smiles via the Chase Orthodontics Blog. We welcome your thoughts on smiles and encourage comments and questions. Our blog entries will be designed to be interesting and informative… Read more »


Thank You to our Wonderful Patients


THANK YOU! CHASE ORTHODONTICS would like to thank our wonderful patients for helping us manage being displaced from our Stoneham office. We appreciate you coming to our Malden location for the last few visits while we’ve been busy preparing our Reading office. We hope this is a more convenient location for you and we appreciate… Read more »


New Website Launch


Notice something different? That’s right we’ve built a new website! We’re happy to unveil our new website. It features a more flexible design and it’s mobile-friendly. Our new site more effectively highlights what’s most important to us and to our community. We hope you enjoy your visit.